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Extending the dynamic range & creating the mood


Life as a tea-harvester, photographed with a Nikon D810 and Nikon AF-S 35/1.8G ED during my recent trip to Cameron Highland for assignment.
So how do I made this photo?  This post will show you what I did and what I used […]

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Top 3 features of D750 that is useful for video shooting

The latest Nikon D750 is now selling worldwide, if you are considering to get one for video shooting, this is my favorite top 3 features for that purpose.

#1 – Multi-selector power aperture
Similar to the bigger brothers D800 and D4 series, D750 gain a ‘Power […]

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Tips on Low Light Photography

Dusk is one of the most amazing moment for photography and to get a good picture at this moment is pretty easy if you know your basic.  First you’ll need a steady tripod, then make sure you are familiar with […]

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How to get a sharp picture for Facebook

Have you ever got frustrated that your high quality picture turn low quality when you shared them on Facebook?  This is because Facebook is having a very bad compression system and low quality re-size method.
What happens here is when you […]

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Static . Motion

Months after the short d90 video I do for fun, here I am with a brand new short video, shot entirely with a Nikon D3100 at 1080p24.  Geared with lenses like 18-55DX VR, 50mm F1.4D, 70-200 F2.8 and a 24-120VR.  […]

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Tutorial: The Photos Montage

I received quite a lot of inquiries on how to create the above photo montage.  The original idea came from another article off the net, which I can’t remember which one to credit to at the moment. So, I’ve created […]