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Quick & easy steps to create Sunrise/Sunset looks with Lightroom

A photograph taken during my recent trip to Sekinchan titled ‘Harvesting for life’, shot on a hazy day, re-imagined with the help of modern digital manipulation.
If you are interested to know how I edit this photo, I’ve created a short video […]

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How to get a sharp picture for Facebook

Have you ever got frustrated that your high quality picture turn low quality when you shared them on Facebook?  This is because Facebook is having a very bad compression system and low quality re-size method.
What happens here is when you […]

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A School Of Tourism, ATIC Penang

This is one of my commercial photography assignment done earlier for ATI College Penang, With only 1 and 1/2 day time slot for the assignment, I managed to cover the main campus, Penang International Airport and a few of Penang’s […]

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Tutorial: The Photos Montage

I received quite a lot of inquiries on how to create the above photo montage.  The original idea came from another article off the net, which I can’t remember which one to credit to at the moment. So, I’ve created […]