Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Finally, it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to 2011, and stepping into a brand new year – 2012!  Happy New Year everyone!

2011 has been a really important year for me, as there were a lot of life-changing events come and go; Thanks god they are mostly in the good side!

As starter,  I am glad that it has been a great year for my career as a wedding cinematographer at Motion In Style,  it was also my first trip travelling to Perth, Australia to cover a wedding.  It was a totally difference experience shooting there and it certainly has taught me something new throughout the assignment.

As part of the work requirements,  I also acquired a new unit of Nikon D7000, a fantastic camera that are now one of my main choice of camera!  I love this camera’s exposure accuracy, color and sharpness!  Along with this camera, I also purchased a new carbon fiber tripod and a new tracking system for dolly scenes.

At the same time this year, I was also engaged as a state liaison by Nikon Club Malaysia, in the club, I hope to learn new skills,  meet new friends and to share my passion of photography!

btw, I am ‘married‘ finally,  in front of relatives and friends actually.  Me and Angelina actually got engaged last year on Nov 2010.  I hope to stay healthy so I can take care of my lovely wife and our future kids.

and btw… stepping into 2012 also mark the end of my 20s, and I am now 30 and I should be ‘wiser’ now and makes better decision, I hope.

and finally, my long list of resolutions & wish-list for 2012 begins with…

  • Stay healthy by living a healthier lifestyle… pretty difficult for me without all the tasty food, midnight food-crave and etc
  • Go honey-moon with my wife, some-where nice and cozy.
  • Get myself a HD projector for those HD movie-lah…  size really does matters to me.
  • Fewer works, more profit.
  • Try for baby…  *wink* at my wife.







Tips on Low Light Photography

Dusk is one of the most amazing moment for photography and to get a good picture at this moment is pretty easy if you know your basic.  First you’ll need a steady tripod, then make sure you are familiar with your camera &  system, the more you know the better your chance at getting beautiful photos as dawn fade away very fast, especially the best duration of ‘golden hour‘ is only about 10minutes at most;  You really do not want to be wasting your time finding a feature or setting of our camera.  So,  study your manual and understand your camera before you go out and shoot!

Generally, your will be shooting with a relatively long shutter speed to get the nice colors from the horizon.  In order to get the longer shutter speed we preferred,  we will be using low ISO together with a small aperture.  In this series of photos,  I used mainly Nikon 24-120VR, Nikon 18-35 and Nikon 50 f/1.4 on a Nikon D700.  Generally I used aperture smaller than f/5.6 to f/22 on some cases.   I’ve adjusted the ISO from 100 – 1600 depend on my subjects and the motion blur effects I wanted to archive.

Attached here with some of the photos I shot from a local theme park at Queensbay, Penang, there are edited with Adobe Lightroom 3.  Please feel free to comment or share them to your friends.

&. btw,  I am planning for an intensive class of Adobe Lightroom 3 for intermediate users,  do send me an email if you are interested.

&.&. btw,  if you are looking to turn your hobby into profession, please check this out.



A day out with Nikon D7000

Finally I got my hand on a unit of Nikon latest DSLR, the Nikon D7000.  Basically the camera is so hot that it was sold out the moment it arrived in the local store;  I am not going to write a technical review of this camera as you can easily get a very comprehensive review from the internet such as this and this.

Ballad Dancing

My 1st impression with the camera was very positive.  At a low investment like this, you get a very solid camera, with lots of features and fantastic image quality!
In this round, I was invited by G3k Photography to a shooting assignment on 2nd of Jan, 2011 in a Ballet Graduation Concert held in Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang.

Paired with a single 70-200 f/2.8 tele-lense, I set up myself on the platform with about 100m away from the main stage.  I had a hard time getting a pin-on exposure as the stage lighting was arranged in a not-photographically friendly way.  The spot-lights was badly distributed across the stage sections with a lot of colors.

I’ve have no complain on focusing with the d7000’s new module as the contrast of the subject was reasonably good there, I only used AF-S (single shot) here and no continuous-shoot.  The WB was set to Auto in this case as the lighting and color themes changed too fast for me to coup up with.  As it is really dimmed in the stage main-lighting, I had to crank up the ISO to 1600 – 2500 ranges to obtain a shutter speed of 1/160s – 1/250s at aperture of f/2.8 – f/4.

I’ve shot in full resolution jpeg in camera, and had selectively cropped to a better composition.  Minimum color treatment was done, most of the photos from this series, was basically similar to the out-of-the-camera photos.  I also noticed the default Picture Control gave a slightly more saturated colors compare to Nikon D700. So I’ve tuned down a bit in the saturation from the ‘SD’ picture control, and crank up a bit on sharpness as usual.

Ballad Dancing

Ballad Dancing

Ballad Dancing

Ballad Dancing

Ballad Dancing

Ballad Dancing

The performances went on for about 2 hours,  I’ve captured about 400 over shots from the series, and have selected some of my favorite to share with you in the following flash album,

>> Click here to view them now <<

As usual, comments are welcomed and please do share with your friends who might be interested to my photographs.  The photo below is a closing shot I captured using Nikon D700 & 50mm.  As from you can see, the stage was flooded with a warm yellow lights with nothing else,  I am really having a hard time shooting the performances.

Ballad Dancing

Static . Motion

Months after the short d90 video I do for fun, here I am with a brand new short video, shot entirely with a Nikon D3100 at 1080p24.  Geared with lenses like 18-55DX VR, 50mm F1.4D, 70-200 F2.8 and a 24-120VR.  Here I present to you, ‘Static . Motion’.  Have a look and feel free to comment!

Here’s a small reviews from me after using Nikon D3100 for a short while, the 2nd generation D-movie from D3100 (and D7000 also) is ways better than the old version. The rolling shutter problem is almost non-visible now.

The new expeed engine and sensor also provide a much better low light performances; the most obvious improvement I noticed is got to be the very sharp video so long that you got the right focus compare to the soft, and low detailed video from D90, D5000 and D300s.

Last but not least, I will be having a small talk on ‘video filming using SLR’ at on 3rd Dec 2010 and if you are interested on the topic, feel free to join and kindly share this page to anyone who might be interested.

A School Of Tourism, ATIC Penang


This is one of my commercial photography assignment done earlier for ATI College Penang, With only 1 and 1/2 day time slot for the assignment, I managed to cover the main campus, Penang International Airport and a few of Penang’s tourism hot spot.  It was truly a unique experience for me, as I get to shoot difference subjects in such a short time!


The above shots was done very quickly as everyone is complaining about the hot baking sun, the shot was shot right in front of the college main entrance!

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