Celebrating Mr & Mrs Choo!

Congratulation to Mr & Mrs Joseph Choo!  Joseph is a good friend of my since long time ago, and I am glad to be invited to his photographer for his ROM in Putra Jaya earlier this year.  We had a lot of fun shooting in Kuala Lumpur, and here are some of shots from the series!

These photos are mainly captured with Nikon D7000 & D700 with a few lenses.

Feel free to share this photos if you like them, or talk to me if you need someone to cover your big day!

Wat Charok Padang (Glass Bottle Temple)

I came to know this place, Wat Charok Padang from my buddy, Joo Liang.  It is an interesting place, a Buddhist temple built with a lot of glass bottles.  Located in Sik, Kedah, the temple is about 100km away from Penang Island, and is easily reachable using North-south Expressway.

It is frequently visited by many in the morning exspecially during Chinese New Year holidays.  As it was a casual family trip for me, I arrived very late in the afternoon and voila, an almost empty temple!  I did a few quick shots around the temple under the killing hot-sun before I continue my journey to Sg Petani to visit some relatives.

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The whole set of photos is taken with a Nikon D700 DSLR, my favourite 50mm f/1.4 and an ultra wide 18-35mm.

If you are interested to pay a visit to this temple,  the exact location for GPS is at 5°47.782N, 100°42.635E or view in google maps here.

A School Of Tourism, ATIC Penang


This is one of my commercial photography assignment done earlier for ATI College Penang, With only 1 and 1/2 day time slot for the assignment, I managed to cover the main campus, Penang International Airport and a few of Penang’s tourism hot spot.  It was truly a unique experience for me, as I get to shoot difference subjects in such a short time!


The above shots was done very quickly as everyone is complaining about the hot baking sun, the shot was shot right in front of the college main entrance!

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A Strawberries trip to Cameron Highland

Me licking a 'bowl' of strawberries

I took a short 2D1N trip to Cameron Highland with family last weekend.  As titled, I had a ‘bowlful’ of strawberries there!   Sadly though it was raining cats & dogs over there, so I din’t get the chance to go capture some regular tea-farm scenic; instead, I visited a few indoor farms and had fun shooting/eating/hanging there!

Titiwangsa Hotel
We stayed at Titiwangsa Hotel,  a twin king-sized bed at a super duper low price of RM 218 a night!  And best of all, the price includes a buffet breakfast & a steamboat dinner for everyone!  A step into the room, we were amazed by how spacious it is for such a good deal!  Will I be visiting the same hotel again?  Definitely yes!

Steamboat dinner

A look of the delicious steamboat!  A treat for the freezing night!  After the great meal, we went for a traditional body massage right at the main entrance of the hotel for a cost of RM 60 an hour.  The massage was so-so and you can forget about it if you wish.

Strawberry Park

I’ve selected 80photos to share with you, for your convenience, the exposure info is included this round so that you have a rough idea on how I captured those.
Please feel free to comments and ask if you need further details!

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For your info, the photos were captured with a Nikon D700, I swap between a 18-35 ultra wide angle, a 50mm, and a 135mm short tele lens.  The photos were then edited with Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta.

Tutorial: The Photos Montage


I received quite a lot of inquiries on how to create the above photo montage.  The original idea came from another article off the net, which I can’t remember which one to credit to at the moment. So, I’ve created my version on how to create this montage in a few minutes time with minimum efforts.

To do this, you will need the following items (Click on the name to download them respectively)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (LR2)
Adobe Photoshop (PS)
PanosFX.com Big Pictures action script plug-in (Free Edtion)
AlbertYap.com Template for exporting original file in Lightroom 2

I assumed you already know how to import action script for PS, and also template for LR2, if you do not know how to do this, please do a Google search or contact me.  You are also assumed to be able to understand PS & LR2 basics such as running an action, exporting picture in LR2 and etc.

1. Select and prepare 25 landscape photos in LR2, vertical oriented photos does not work very well in this montage.  Arrange them in the way you preferred after adjustments.


2. Once you have selected the 25 photos to be included in the final output, go to LR2’s Print module. As illustrated above, by using the attached template (Star 1). You get to preview the output similar to the above screenshot.  Here, you can click and move the small individual picture a little bit to the left or right for better composition.

3. When you are ready for the next step, click “Print To File” on bottom right (Star 2) and save the photo montage as a JPEG file.


4. You will then have a newly created JPEG file similar to the above, without my watermark of course, if you are not happy with the arrangement on the small pictures, you can always go back to step 2 and rearrange them in LR2.  When you are ready and happy with the result, proceed to close LR2, and execute PS for the final effects.

5. I am using Photoshop CS4 for this tutorial, so it might have a difference user interface as your Photoshop especially older versions.  Nonetheless, they are all the same, download the correct version of action scrip from PanosFX.com for your Photoshop and we are ready for the next step.

6. There are 2 actions included in the current edition from PanosFX.com, one is called “Big Picture flat actions”, and another one is “Big Picture curled actions”.  I am using “Big Picture curled actions” for this tutorial sample,  you can try either one of them as they work the same way, just produce difference results.

7. By executing the action, you will be requested to open up a landscape picture, if you already opened the file you saved earlier, just close the open dialog and it will then automatically proceed with plenty of recorded actions and once they are done, you will get a few results, pick one and save a copy and then your are done!


Thanks you for reading this tutorial and enjoy creating your very own photo montage!
Please do leave a comment if you find this tutorial useful and please share them with your friends.  I will be sharing more in the future and if you are interested, you are recommended to bookmark this blog and visit me regularly.