Celebrating Anthony + Stephanie

Finally I have the time and idea to edit this set of photos, which was taken a long time ago, back during Chinese New Year this year.  Anthony was a schoolmate of me who happened to be working in Shanghai and met his soul-mate, Stephanie there in a land far far away.

They had a simple buy fun wedding in Anthony’s home town, which is pretty nearby to my neighborhood – Setia Pearl Island!

The wedding kicked off in the morning with fetching the bride, gate crashing and tea ceremony session at Sungai Ara, followed a church solemnization.  The reception is held at EQ ballroom.

I shot all these photos mainly with a 50mm, on a Nikon D700.  Some shots are taken with 18-35, and the rest with 70-200.  I picked and edited these photos on Adobe Lightroom 3.

Feel free to share them if you like, and of course, I am always open for wedding assignments.

Celebrating Mr & Mrs Choo!

Congratulation to Mr & Mrs Joseph Choo!  Joseph is a good friend of my since long time ago, and I am glad to be invited to his photographer for his ROM in Putra Jaya earlier this year.  We had a lot of fun shooting in Kuala Lumpur, and here are some of shots from the series!

These photos are mainly captured with Nikon D7000 & D700 with a few lenses.

Feel free to share this photos if you like them, or talk to me if you need someone to cover your big day!

When Adrian & Joyee fall in love

Adrian + Joyee

Having know Adrian and Joyee for a long time,  they are a very nice happy-go-lucky couple!  Few months ago when Adrian asked me to shoot a portrait session of him and Joyee in Singapore.  Due to many reasons, the shooting was postponed for quite a while until they came back to Penang for a short holiday!   We have decided to restart the shoot!

E & O Penang

Adrian + Joyee

Set in one of the most luxurious housing area in Penang, we have a short session there!  With limited time and resources, we spent 2 hours there shooting until the sun set, and the lights were gone.

Adrian & Joyee

Gurney Drive at night

Adrian & Joyee

We have great laughter with all the spontaneous jokes thrown by Adrian & Joyee thru out the session.

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