Going North for a break – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, I attempted to shoot a panoramic shot using a long exposure along with moving cloud,  the merging process is more difficult than I taught, auto-merge from Photoshop CS6 does not works, and in the end I manually transformed and merged 5 individually shot photos into one.

One the next morning, before we travel back to Hatyai for more foods and activities, we have a short trip around the town, and visited the 3-pieces dragon/giant serpent monument.  The giant serpent is believed to oversee the town and to offer positive blessing.

The last day from our trips consists of eating, shopping and again shopping at Hatyai, typical Malaysian-lah… 😀  So there’s nothing to show here, fast forward to our last station before returning home the next morning.

We stopped by Danok, and visited Riverview Restaurant for our very heavy lunch.  Beautiful lake side, awesome choices of seafood and cozy weather!  What more can you ask for?

After the very heavy lunch, we headed back to home and this concludes my 4D3N trip up north.

Last but not least, the equipment used in this trip are as following,

  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon AFS 28mm F1.8
  • Nikon AFS 17-35mm F2.8
  • Nikon AFD 50mm F1.4
  • Nikon AFD Fisheye 10.5mm F2.8
  • Tamron AFS 70-200 F2.8
  • Manfrotto 190CX3 Tripod + 701HDV Head
  • Lowepro Computrekker AW 15″

All photos were lightly enhanced using Adobe Lightroom 4, panorama was created using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Finally, it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to 2011, and stepping into a brand new year – 2012!  Happy New Year everyone!

2011 has been a really important year for me, as there were a lot of life-changing events come and go; Thanks god they are mostly in the good side!

As starter,  I am glad that it has been a great year for my career as a wedding cinematographer at Motion In Style,  it was also my first trip travelling to Perth, Australia to cover a wedding.  It was a totally difference experience shooting there and it certainly has taught me something new throughout the assignment.

As part of the work requirements,  I also acquired a new unit of Nikon D7000, a fantastic camera that are now one of my main choice of camera!  I love this camera’s exposure accuracy, color and sharpness!  Along with this camera, I also purchased a new carbon fiber tripod and a new tracking system for dolly scenes.

At the same time this year, I was also engaged as a state liaison by Nikon Club Malaysia, in the club, I hope to learn new skills,  meet new friends and to share my passion of photography!

btw, I am ‘married‘ finally,  in front of relatives and friends actually.  Me and Angelina actually got engaged last year on Nov 2010.  I hope to stay healthy so I can take care of my lovely wife and our future kids.

and btw… stepping into 2012 also mark the end of my 20s, and I am now 30 and I should be ‘wiser’ now and makes better decision, I hope.

and finally, my long list of resolutions & wish-list for 2012 begins with…

  • Stay healthy by living a healthier lifestyle… pretty difficult for me without all the tasty food, midnight food-crave and etc
  • Go honey-moon with my wife, some-where nice and cozy.
  • Get myself a HD projector for those HD movie-lah…  size really does matters to me.
  • Fewer works, more profit.
  • Try for baby…  *wink* at my wife.







Ending the great 2009 and looking forward to 2010!

It has been a month since I last wrote my blog entry as it was the busiest months of the year for wedding industry.  With Christmas & New Year coming soon, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and not forgetting all the best to complete your pending/in-progress wishes during this last 2 weeks of 2009!  I wonder how do you all feel for year 2009 as mine was superb.  The following is a summary of my 2009!

@Making a living
Since I made the biggest change to my career from an IT slave to a full time photographer last year; I attended, covered and witness endless weddings and its going strong!  I took more photos in a month than the whole year combined previously (pity my camera shutter’s life though).  I also made my debut for speaking publicly for Han Chiang High school photography classes, Freezed.asia photo club and also some photography workshop for Nikon Malaysia.  Once again thank you for all the supports and I will keep on sharing what I like the most!

Camo team & Vendors

@Lovely days
This year, I met my darling – Angelina, and thus officially self-declared that I am not another otaku anymore (yes, I do watch anime quite often previously)!  And to all of the friends out there who kept asking me about my darling, the following picture is a shot of me with my darling.  And yes, we know when to get married and when to have some Mini-Bert, and appreciate all your efforts for reminding us in Facebook (You know who you are, my dear-friends!).

Albert Yap & Angelina Sim

@Having fun and plays
This year, I also made a lot of purchases including a 32” Panasonic LCD HDTV, WDTV Media player, some hard-disk-drives, a brand new Nikon D700 and also a soon-to-come Lenovo laptop.  There’s still quite a big list of items in my wish-list too and I am looking forward to get them slowly!  For the time being, its just not feasible.

Parent is getting old day by day and ages has started to take the toll on my mom. She was admitted to hospital 3 times this year with the last one having a bypass surgery, thanks god she went thru all of the darkness.  It’s good to have a family and I wish it last as long as possible!

Yap's Family

It’s a good-good year that I met a lot of new friends this year!  You are all welcomed to share your stories to me as well!  I will end this post here with a few shots from my recent photo coverage of Music for Life, a concert in aid of Hospice at Home Programme.

Music For Life

Music For Life

Music For Life

Music For Life Music For Life

Enjoy and see you again in 2010!