Nostagic journey, where my loves in filming began

3 years ago, I started exploring into commercial wedding filming using Nikon DSLR,  without much information, guides and training available, me and my buddy Chin Siang uses Nikon D7000 and started our journey and formed Motion In Style Cinematography. back then.

Albert Yap Filming with D810 & Atomos Ninja Blade

The ideas is simple, to create a short film for clients that entrusted us.  We grew from a small team of 2, to a bigger team since then.

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Top 3 features I like about Nikon D4s


The Nikon D4s is now shipping to early adopters and I had an opportunity to play with the new flagship camera!

Below are the top 3 new/improved features that I like!

#1 – ISO
The native ISO is now starting from ISO 100 to ISO 25600, and produce superb quality with close to none visible-noise issues.  The D4s also expand to a record breaking high ISO 409600 allowing one to shoot in virtually any condition with ease!

#2 – Group AF
This new group AF make use of five AF points to improve stability especially while tracking subject.  Nikon also tweaked the AF system to improve the lock-on accuracy and usability.


#3 –  Monitor color balance
You can now manually tweak the LCD to color match the other screens you’ll be using.  The adjustment is pretty much strait to the point, similar to WB fine tune option.  Bear in mind that this option only adjust what you’ll see on screen, but has no-effect to what ever you shot.