How to use WiFi on your Nikon DSLR with computers

The high-end pro series of Nikon DSLR has been enjoying WiFi since many years ago, and finally we get to use that in more affordable, mass-market models.

Newer models such as D750, D7200, D5500 & D5300 has the feature built-in & other models including D3200, D3300, D5200, D7100, D600, D610 & Df uses an optional dongle (Wu-1a & Wu-1b).

Unlike the pro-series, the WiFi feature in these camera are officially designed to work with smart devices only.  The Nikon apps will only work with Android or iOS devices, does that means you can’t use it with laptop and etc?

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Static . Motion

Months after the short d90 video I do for fun, here I am with a brand new short video, shot entirely with a Nikon D3100 at 1080p24.  Geared with lenses like 18-55DX VR, 50mm F1.4D, 70-200 F2.8 and a 24-120VR.  Here I present to you, ‘Static . Motion’.  Have a look and feel free to comment!

Here’s a small reviews from me after using Nikon D3100 for a short while, the 2nd generation D-movie from D3100 (and D7000 also) is ways better than the old version. The rolling shutter problem is almost non-visible now.

The new expeed engine and sensor also provide a much better low light performances; the most obvious improvement I noticed is got to be the very sharp video so long that you got the right focus compare to the soft, and low detailed video from D90, D5000 and D300s.

Last but not least, I will be having a small talk on ‘video filming using SLR’ at on 3rd Dec 2010 and if you are interested on the topic, feel free to join and kindly share this page to anyone who might be interested.

That Special Moments from Nikon Workshop!

Thanks you everyone who made the workshop another success!  This workshop is arranged for D3000 users.


As the response is overwhelming, we have decided to split it into 2 workshop, one in the month of Nov and another one at Jan 2010.
Held at E & O Hotel, Penang, everyone had fun sharing, learning and enjoying the fantastic buffet!


We had the theory session in the morning in one of the cozy seminar room.  Things get excited when the specially arranged models arrived after lunch!


The shoots was carried out around E & O Hotel, and everyone were really enjoying the shoot, some would even go the extreme by lying on the wet grass just for that very low angle!

Web-12Web-11 Web-10

As I am busy capturing the event in video, I did not have a lot of pictures to share, here’s 2 shots on Stephy, one of the model from Velvet Production!


The video will be ready shortly after this, stay tuned!

If you are using D3000, and are interested to join the next workshop, please feel free to contact me!  Last but not least, feel free to comments!