Behind the scene

Albert Yap was an engineer, tying himself down daily with the computer, binaries and codes. But, when he had the chance to get to know his new toy calls camera decade ago, he was overwhelmed with the beauty that could be done by it. His journey of being a photographer was built from there on and has then turned it into a full time career on year 2007. Since then, Albert has photographed hundreds of weddings and many corporate assignments till date internationally.

In year 2009, with the introduction of HD-SLR (Video capable DSLR cameras), he started filming short videos both for works and plays.

In year 2010, he founded Motion In Style Cinematography, aiming to provide high quality and yet affordable cinematography for weddings. Though he now became an advisor behind the scene, the team has grown into one of the best wedding cinematography production team in the region.

Primarily a Nikon user, he has vast experience using the system.  Started off in Nikon Malaysia as an officer; He has now moved to Singapore in the regional office leading the ATO (Asia Technical Office) team for international customer supports.  His team worked closely with industrial partners and professional photographers for various projects under NPS.

If you would like to know more about him, please feel free to email him at


2 Replies to “Behind the scene”

  1. Hi, ran across your page from google after searching about photography. I really like your photos, they are very professional. I am just a beginner at using the dslr. I just upgraded from a nikon d3000 to a d5100 and I just recently bought the 50 mm f1.4 lenses. However, my photos aren’t spectacular and I tried reading many books to know how to use it properly but I am not there yet. Can you give me some good tips on how to take better pictures? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristy,

      Thanks you for liking my photos. Can you show me some photos you took using the 50mm lens you bought, so I could see the problem with the photos you mentioned?

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