Looking back at 2016

Let me kick-start the first and only post for 2016,  which was long overdue as the last post I made was August, last year.  As mentioned earlier, I was relocated to Singapore due to work, and been very busy with many things at hand.  Now that 2016 is coming to an end, and I think it is time, to have a summary of everything.

Rio, Brazil

For work, this year I travelled to 3 new countries that I have never been to.  First, I had the opportunity to worked in Rio Olympic 2016, Brazil for Nikon and many-many renowned photographers around globe.  It was a great experiences working along with the team except the pain of communication to the local when ordering food, going places and doing things.  Not to mention the painful long-haul flight, jet-lag nights and etc.

Christ The Redeemer
Nikon announcements at Photokina

And then, I visited Photokina in Cologne, Germany.  The largest photography event of the world and it is huge.

Entrance to the Cathedral
The train station

While in Germany, I have eaten too much of a pork until I felt like going pork-less for a while when I am back to Singapore.  Please don’t get me wrong, the pork knuckles are the best I have ever had, but eating that everyday is just too much.

The busy Ap Liew Street, Hong Kong

the last trip of the year was recently in the month of Dec, I visited Hong Kong office to conduct an internal training.  I have finally seen it with my own eyes, the fast-pace-ness of the locals, the tiny-houses and lifestyle over in this highly populated city of Asia.  Though I don’t have a lot of spare time to try the famous local delicacies.

Behind the high density population.
The Red Cruiser of the night in Hong Kong

I was also involved in the production of a short TVC for Nikon Malaysia, for a all-rounder coolpix camera for kids, the cute S34 (The previous post was done on previous model, the S33).  The 30s version of the TVC is now released on the official channel, or you can view them below.

By the beach at Avillion, Port Dickson

Aside to the hectic working life, I also took some time with my wife going for holiday.  We have spent a night in Port Dickson, Malaysia in May to celebrate our birthdays.

Avillion, PD
Avillion, PD

And then, being someone who loves to eat, we finally decided to visit Taiwan, after so many years.

Hot steaming dumpling, Taiwan

Being away from all the stress and tensions, we have fun visiting tourism spots from Taichong all the way to Taipei, all in the comfort of a chartered cab.  Basically what we do all day is see, buy, eat and sleep.

Beautiful Sun-moon Lake
Eating all you want at night markets
Cultural Village
Day out on a highland

After the short 7 days trip, we were definitely very confident that, we will be visiting Taiwan again in the future. I mean, who can resist the tasty snacks available, and the amount fun offered by the vast historical culture.

> More photos from my Taiwan trip here (Which are still being updated) <

That’s all about where I have been and what I did this year.  Unfortunately, I did not spend sometime sharing any tips or tricks, will do so in the coming future.

Lastly, before I sign off. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you in 2017!

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