Precious Moments

Along with the increasing living cost, most of the family can’t escape from having both parent working to support a modern lifestyle.  Do you know what yours kids are doing while you are away?


Precious moments fly by so easily. Give your loved ones the most valuable gift in the world: Your time.



Here I present to you, my last video project before relocating from Malaysia to Singapore.  A short TVC shot entirely with a single Nikon D750 in a single day.


Special thanks to the lovely boy – Ryan, and his parent Mr & Mrs Dang for making this project a reality, the first video uploaded was having a soft-subtitle (Which is now having > 20k view) and due to requests, a second video with subtitle are now available as well in the same Nikon Malaysia youtube page.

if you are interested to know how this video was made, send me a message in facebook.  Until then.

3 Replies to “Precious Moments”

  1. Hi, I found your blog as I am trying to get my D750 to connect via WiFi to my laptop. I was hopeful reading your story but I do not have any success. I am trying to use DslrDashBoard, but for whatever reason I cannot get my D750 to connect to any WiFi. Do you have any magic suggestions as to how to do this? Kind regards, Martin

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