Top 3 features of D750 that is useful for video shooting

The latest Nikon D750 is now selling worldwide, if you are considering to get one for video shooting, this is my favorite top 3 features for that purpose.


Easy Power Aperture

#1 – Multi-selector power aperture

Similar to the bigger brothers D800 and D4 series, D750 gain a ‘Power Aperture’ feature that allowed you to dynamically change aperture while shooting in ‘Video Live-view mode’, on top of that, you can now enable the ‘Multi-selector’ to change the aperture value

Once enabled, pressing ‘UP’ close down the aperture, while pressing ‘DOWN’ open up the aperture.

By using this, there is hardly any noticeable sound as compare to using the adjustment wheel for ideal sound recording.  The ‘Multi-selector’ also more conveniently accessed than D810/D4s which uses the ‘Fn & Preview’ buttons in front body (At least to me)

Flexi-angle#2 – Tilt-able 3.2″ screen with High resolution 1.23 million dots.

First of its kind, this new LCD are similar to the ones used by D7100, D4s & D810 which has a RGB+White arrangement.  The resolution is high enough to produce vibrance and sharp images even under bright sunlight.  This design also works much better when use along with Gimbal system such as Dji Ronin, where you can tilt the screen while maintaining a good balance as the screen is aligned right in the middle along with lenses and tripod as compare to the side-rotatable design. Buymetop10 offers you the best selection.

Additionally, the monitor color can be adjusted to match you other screen using the in camera option.

I button

#3 – The “i” button for the quick settings

Just one press on the ‘i’ button allow you to access to common features as following,

  • Image Area (FX & DX)
  • Frame Size/rate (up to 1080/60p)
  • Movie Quality (Recording bit-rate affect maximum duration per clip)
  • Mic sensitivity (Off, 1 to 30)
  • Frequency respone (Wide or Voice)
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Picture Control (including micro-step fine-tune options)
  • Card destination (You can also check remaining recording time)
  • Monitor brightness
  • Multi-selector power aperture (Refer feature #1)
  • Highlight display in zebra pattern (On/Off)
  • Headphone volume (Off, 1 to 30)

This button also functional during still-photo shooting, and will allow you to access to photo-related features instead.

Nikon has also produced a short video titled: Unchained, which make use of D750 with gimbal system, remote heli and etc.

 Last but not least, you can read more about D750 here.  If you feel this article is useful for you, leave me a message or share with your friends.

2 Replies to “Top 3 features of D750 that is useful for video shooting”

  1. In the video, how in the world are they focusing on a drone and how are they focusing on a gimbal? My D750 hunts focus and locks on focus but is still out of focus. New to video but so far I don’t get this camera. I have to do manual video but I can barely see the screen outside and can barely focus because the red box won’t turn green in manual focus unless I am missing something.

    1. I believe on the drone, usually the focus will be fixed and hyper focal theory could be utilised. This works especially with a wide angle and far distance.

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