Editing your D750 Raw NEF files

How to edit D750 Raw NEF files?
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I’ve received a lot of inquiries on “how do you edit the new Nikon D750 Raw NEF files” as the common software such as Adobe Photoshop has yet to officially support them.
Afraid not, here are some of the tricks that you […]

Nostagic journey, where my loves in filming began

Filming in progress / Albert Yap & Chin Siang
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3 years ago, I started exploring into commercial wedding filming using Nikon DSLR,  without much information, guides and training available, me and my buddy Chin Siang uses Nikon D7000 and started our journey and formed Motion In Style Cinematography. back then.

The […]

Hi-Bali; Bali-Hai!

Bali 2014
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Finally I have a short break and went for a holiday with my lovely wife last May.  First I wanted to travel-light but I end up traveled with a Nikon D610, an all rounder travel-zoom AF-S 28-300 VR, an ultra wide AF-S 14-24 F2.8 […]

Top 3 features I like about Nikon D4s

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The Nikon D4s is now shipping to early adopters and I had an opportunity to play with the new flagship camera!
Below are the top 3 new/improved features that I like!
#1 – ISO
The native ISO is now starting from ISO 100 […]


Proof of being there
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After all the ‘wows’ and ‘waahs’ from peers on Sekinchan, finally I have a chance to pay the small town a visit!

It’s about one and a half hour drive from my home in PJ, you can easily find the place […]

Going North for a break – Part 2

Riverview Restaurant
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Continuing from Part 1, I attempted to shoot a panoramic shot using a long exposure along with moving cloud,  the merging process is more difficult than I taught, auto-merge from Photoshop CS6 does not works, and in the end I […]

Going North for a break – Part 1

Chedi Thaimongkhon
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Wow, finally the hectic working weeks settled!  It’s time for me to take a break and recharge myself.  So, I’ve took a few day off, and together with my other half and another 2 friends of mine, we drove up […]

Happy moments from Seoul

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Has been real busy lately with overwhelming works, travels & assignments since I last blogged about something…  nonetheless, I also took a break with my wife, and colleagues from Nikon Malaysia to Seoul, Korea for a short 5 days trip!
Even-though we picked […]

The Shot

Night Cityscape, Penang
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First of all, it has been a really long while since I last blogged about anything. I’ve decided to share this, as today is a  special day that I would like to share with all of you, the following shot was featured […]