Hi-Bali; Bali-Hai!

Bali 2014
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Finally I have a short break and went for a holiday with my lovely wife last May.  First I wanted to travel-light but I end up traveled with a Nikon D610, an all rounder travel-zoom AF-S 28-300 VR, an ultra wide AF-S 14-24 F2.8 [...]

Top 3 features I like about Nikon D4s

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The Nikon D4s is now shipping to early adopters and I had an opportunity to play with the new flagship camera!
Below are the top 3 new/improved features that I like!
#1 – ISO
The native ISO is now starting from ISO 100 [...]


Proof of being there
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After all the ‘wows’ and ‘waahs’ from peers on Sekinchan, finally I have a chance to pay the small town a visit!

It’s about one and a half hour drive from my home in PJ, you can easily find the place [...]

Going North for a break – Part 2

Riverview Restaurant
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Continuing from Part 1, I attempted to shoot a panoramic shot using a long exposure along with moving cloud,  the merging process is more difficult than I taught, auto-merge from Photoshop CS6 does not works, and in the end I [...]

Going North for a break – Part 1

Chedi Thaimongkhon
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Wow, finally the hectic working weeks settled!  It’s time for me to take a break and recharge myself.  So, I’ve took a few day off, and together with my other half and another 2 friends of mine, we drove up [...]

Happy moments from Seoul

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Has been real busy lately with overwhelming works, travels & assignments since I last blogged about something…  nonetheless, I also took a break with my wife, and colleagues from Nikon Malaysia to Seoul, Korea for a short 5 days trip!
Even-though we picked [...]

The Shot

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First of all, it has been a really long while since I last blogged about anything. I’ve decided to share this, as today is a  special day that I would like to share with all of you, the following shot was featured [...]

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

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Finally, it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to 2011, and stepping into a brand new year – 2012!  Happy New Year everyone!
2011 has been a really important year for me, as there were a lot of life-changing events come and go; Thanks god they [...]

We fixed our focuses in photography

workshop pic
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As part of the on going after sales support from Nikon Malaysia, I am proud to share with all of you that I am now one of the appointed Penang state liaisons for the official Nikon Club Malaysia.  Nikon Club [...]

Tips on Low Light Photography

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Dusk is one of the most amazing moment for photography and to get a good picture at this moment is pretty easy if you know your basic.  First you’ll need a steady tripod, then make sure you are familiar with [...]

Celebrating Anthony + Stephanie

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Finally I have the time and idea to edit this set of photos, which was taken a long time ago, back during Chinese New Year this year.  Anthony was a schoolmate of me who happened to be working in Shanghai and met [...]